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Bring Hope to the World

What if your family could play a part in God's work in the world without ever leaving home?  

All of the profits from the sales of this book will be donated to the Bible translation movement

Every day, millions of people around the world are living and dying without ever truly knowing Jesus. Many endure suffering without hope... and that’s heart-breaking.


But God has sent workers to help the unreached. He has called and equipped people in those areas to become Bible translators. The Holy Spirit has moved upon church leaders to support efforts to translate God’s Word into every language on earth — and there are more than 7,000!


This simple, easy-to-use book of prayers offers an opportunity for families to spend a few minutes together praying the Psalms for the nations, specifically those who have heard very little about Jesus.


Forty families each chose a Psalm and offered praises, thanks, and requests based on the attributes of God in the verses. Each prayer focuses on one of the following areas: Bible translators, missionaries, global pastors, and those who are waiting to hear the Good News.

Psalm Prayers for Kids

Want a simple, easy-to-use prayer journal? You are in the right place!



After each journal page, a blank creative page is provided for your children to express themselves through illustration, lettering, or another artiistic activity!

In this simple, easy-to-use prayer journal, Sarah explains how to teach your children an effective method for praying the Psalms. Your children will learn how to read a Psalm, identify the attributes of God, and then pray those attributes back to God through praise, thanks, and requests.


After personally praying the Psalms using this method, Sarah taught her son to pray this way too. She and her family members were amazed at the change it brought to her son’s prayers and how he was able to easily recall the attributes of God that he learned through praying the Psalms.


This book is designed for children ages 6-12 with adult assistance. Younger children will enjoy this book with additional guidance, and older children will quickly understand the prayer concepts presented in this book. This valuable resource will help your children connect deeply with God through praying His Word.

God Made You (Personalized)Board Book

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