Connect with your kids in this SIMPLE and FUN family experience that will teach them how to see Jesus in the Psalms.

After teaching my son, Mack, how to pray the Psalms several years ago, I have had the privilege to share our method with many other families through my book, Psalm Prayers for Kids. Now, I created this 7-week FREE Study called Finding Jesus in the Psalms: A Family Experience.


This study will help you teach your kids how to pray the attributes of God in the Psalms and connect the Psalms with Jesus. Plus, it is my hope that it will help you connect with your kids, have fun as a family, and strengthen your own faith too.

What's included:

* 15-Page Family Prayer Journal with easy instructions to teach your kids how to pray the attributes of God in the Psalms plus journal pages to pray the verses together.

* Weekly Plan graphic with questions and activities to further engage your kids, plus ways to connect the verses with Jesus.

* Weekly Instagram teaching video (less than 10 minutes long).

* Weekly podcast meditation to go deeper with the verses.


Join me and we dive deep into a few Psalms and grow together in our faith. 





Watch my short welcome video and access your resources below.


Welcome Video

Family Prayer Journal Explanation

Family Prayer Journal Explanation Video

Week One - God is Our Shield

Week Two - God is God (Three in One)

Week Three - God is Compassionate & Gracious


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God is Compassionate and Gracious 

Podcast Meditation 

Week Four - God is My Light