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Women of Heart Work Tees: Kelsay

Kelsay is a light to all who know her. She gifted us with taking care of Mack while I was pregnant and then struggling with my health issues after our miscarriage. Now she is a dear friend. I know you will be encouraged by her story of surrender to God during a difficult time with her husband. This verse is when John the Baptist gave credit and authority to Jesus as the Son of God. Share about a time in your life when you learned that Jesus must increase and you must decrease. Have you ever had a moment in your life were you know exactly where you were, what you were doing, what time of day it was, what the weather was like? You are able to replay that moment in your head so vividly. A memory in time you don’t think you will ever forget. I have…. I found myself sobbing outside on the curb of San Antonio Methodist Emergency room. I was so overwhelmed; I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with the fact that my sweet husband would have emergency back surgery that morning. My husband had not been feeling the best for several weeks, but it all came to a head when both of his legs went numb and he was rushed to the emergency room. He had bulging disks in his back and they were going to need to do back surgery quickly or else he may never walk again. I was in dental hygiene school at the time, and was incredibly stressed out.

I remember sitting on that curb with a bagel and coffee and thinking “God how in the world will I ever get through this? What if something happened to my husband? What if my husband never walks again and I have to care for him? How are we going to pay our bills?” After all, my husband was sole provider for us, because I was in school full time. I sat there for 2 hours crying. I will never forget feeling so alone, scared, hopeless, and just exhausted. I wanted to give up. I simply did not know how I was going to do it. You see it was all about me…. It was about how as I going to do everything. I had allowed the stress to be put on my shoulders. The reality was I was not going to be able to do any of this by myself. I wasn’t going to get far worrying or trying to be in control of this situation.

The Lord was so faithful in this moment. He spoke so clearly to me, he reassured me that I was not going to get through any of this without Him. HE was the one that was going to keep me going, HE was the one that would take care of my husband, HE was going to make sure we were going to be OK. I realized in that moment that HE must increase and I must decrease. Everything I do needs to point to Him; I needed to be small and HE needs to be BIG in my life. God is SO GOOD, he is so faithful, and guess what? HE did take care of all of my worries, fears, and he took care of my sweet husband. He never breaks his promises. This particular time in our life was very hard, but it was SO much easier allowing God to be in control, rather than me.

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