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Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a God follower, wife, and mom to a very active elementary aged boy and new baby boy. I have a background in counseling, love teaching children the Bible, and I'm passionate about helping people around the world know Jesus.


Several years ago I started Heart Work Tees as a way to encourage other women that their service matters to God and to make a global impact by using the profits to support Bible translation. I had no idea how much I would come to love supporting Bible translation or how it would radically change my family.

The profits from Heart Work Tees supported the beautiful ladies in South Asia and Ethiopia that are learning to share the Bible in their native languages. Then they go back to their local communities and spread hope through telling the Bible stories orally to all who listen.

Our family has had the privilege to support one of the most dangerous Bible translation projects in Asia, and that is a continual reminder of God's faithfulness. Every update we receive reminds us to get on our knees in prayer for the suffering and persecution that our translation friends are experiencing daily.

Also, we have had the incredible honor of leading a community effort to support the Zapoteco del Istmo project in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have been able to lead our friends in praying for the Zapoteco people as they translate the Old Testament. We have prayed with them through utter devastation and heartache when a severe earthquake struck their area days before they were supposed to have a huge celebration for the first printed book of the Old Testament: Jonah.

Almost unbelievably, God enabled my family to visit our friends in Oaxaca 9 months after the earthquake. We got to see the continued reconstruction of their towns, sit in their homes, enjoy meals together, and worship together at church. It was an experience that has changed my family forever.

Psalm Prayers for Kids

After walking through numerous difficult times including healing from childhood sexual abuse, chronic illness, miscarriage, and carbon monoxide poisoning in our son, I developed a God-focused method of using Scripture (specifically the Psalms) to pray. I have been amazed at how God has used His word to transform my prayer life and deepen my connection with Him. It has been such a joy to teach this method to others and watch as God uses it to transform them and draw them closer to Him. I can hardly believe all that God is doing, and I feel incredibly grateful that He would use me to help others know Him better. To read more about Psalm Prayers for Kids, click here.

Sarah's Books

Psalm Prayers for the Nations

I could never have imagined how God would change my heart for the Nations when I first started praying the Psalms for our friends in Oaxaca. I wanted to create something that would make it easy for families to pray the Psalms for the many people around the world who have heard very little about Jesus. Forty families helped me write Psalm Prayers for the Nations, which is a book of short prayers that are each based on a Psalm featured in Psalm Prayers for Kids. My hope is that this book will help other families connect with God, connect with what He is doing around the world, and connect with each other. To read more about Psalm Prayers for the Nations, click here.


I love getting to share what God is doing! Since I began this journey with Heart Work Tees, God has used this ministry to open doors for me to share with other people the amazing things He has done.


I am currently accepting speaking engagements for the Spring 2021 and beyond.

Here are some of the topics I speak about:

Psalm Prayers for Kids - How to Teach Your Children to Pray the Psalms

* How to Engage Our Families with what God is Doing Around the World

* Psalm Prayers - How to Pray the Psalms and Deeply Connect with God

* How our Family has been Impacted by Supporting Bible Translation

* Hope in Suffering

* Healing from Abuse


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