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In God's presence--- there is fullness of joy

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Hi There,

I am Sarah, a normal mom who went through some really tough stuff and experienced God in a powerful way. I want this for you too, well, not the really "tough" stuff but the wonderful "experiencing God in powerful ways" stuff.


My passion is to help women connect with God on a deeper level and I am happy you are here. It is my prayer that you will enjoy the resources provided and find new and meaningful ways to connect, engage, and understand the heart of God. 


Although I have a background in counseling and teaching children about the Bible, I am most in tune with the call upon my life when I am speaking the messages God has given my heart through what I call Prayer Workshops.


love to help women move forward in their spiritual life and share this with their families! This passion has been seated with a purpose that has put me on a road to continually move towards God in grace and hope. Join me and let's dive deep into a relationship with the best Father and Friend anyone could ever have--- Jesus

So good!

Do you want to stay deeply connected with God, tangibly feel His presence, and learn how to share this with your family?  

Join me here, on my email list, or in a workshop and know that you are deeply loved, seen, and known by an                  and               Savior. 


I love to share about what God is doing! When I originally started my journey with the ministry Heart Work Tees, God used it to open doors in a way I never expected; it gave me an opportunity to share with other people the amazing things God has done for me. I will always be thankful and honored that God used me and my family to minister to the beautiful women of South Asia and Ethiopia. Find out more HERE

I am currently accepting speaking engagements for Spring 2022 forward. To find a way to uncover your connection with God, experience His presence deeply, and share this with your family, consider booking me for your church event, women's retreat, and/or group get-together! My favorite topics to speak on are below: 


* Psalm Prayers - How to Pray the Psalms and Deeply Connect with God

* Psalm Prayers for Kids - How to Teach Your Children to Pray the Psalms

* How to Engage Our Families with what God is Doing Around the World

* How our Family has been Impacted by Supporting Bible Translation

* Hope in Suffering

* Healing from Abuse

For speaking inquiries, please contact me or book me HERE.

Podcast Interviews:

Listen to Sarah's interview on Misty Phillip's By His Grace Podcast-

Episode 82 - Psalm Prayers

Listen to Sarah's interview on Melinda Patrick's Even While Podcast-

"A Door of Hope in the Waiting with Sarah Keeling"

Guest Blog Posts:

Read Sarah's post on Raising Prayerful Kids -

"How to Teach Your Kids to Thank God for Who He is"

Read Sarah's post on Little Shoots Deep Roots -

 "How to Pray the Psalms with Kids"

For other media about Sarah's family and her previous t-shirt ministry,

check out the Heart Work Tees page.

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Psalm Prayers for the Nations

I could never have imagined how God would change my heart for the Nations when I first started praying the Psalms for our friends in Oaxaca. I wanted to create something that would make it easy for families to pray the Psalms for the many people around the world who have heard very little about Jesus.


Forty families helped me write Psalm Prayers for the Nations, which is a book of short prayers that are each based on a Psalm featured in Psalm Prayers for Kids. My hope is that this book will help other families connect with God, connect with what He is doing around the world, and connect with each other. To read more about Psalm Prayers for the Nations, click HERE.


Psalm Prayers for the Kids

After walking through numerous difficult times including healing from childhood sexual abuse, chronic illness, miscarriage, and carbon monoxide poisoning in our son, I developed a God-focused method of using Scripture (specifically the Psalms) to pray.


I have been amazed at how God has used His word to transform my prayer life and deepen my connection with Him. It has been such a joy to teach this method to others and watch as God uses it to transform them and draw them closer to Him. I can hardly believe all that God is doing, and I feel incredibly grateful that He would use me to help others know Him better. To read more about Psalm Prayers for Kids, click here.

God Made You (Personalized)Board Book

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Finding Jesus in the Psalms helps you create simple, yet powerful prayer habits that you can easily build on--- It's a POWERFUL tool!

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Connect with your kids

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SIMPLE and FUN Family

Bible Study

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Jesus in the Psalms.

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