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Free Prayer Postcard for Teachers

School is about to start again, and whether your kids are going to school in person, online, or you are teaching them, this is a stressful time.

The best remedy for stress: prayer. I often forget what a powerful tool we have in prayer. The very God who created the universe bends down to listen to our prayers, and He even delights in them! (Psalm 116:2 NLT and Proverbs 15:8 NLT)

I made you some super cute and simple prayer postcards to send to your children's teachers last year, and they were a huge success!

Bless your kids' teachers this year too with these free cards and a nice note. If you are teaching your kids, send it to yourself please!

Just download the picture, print it, and write your personal note on the back. Easy peasy!

If you are doing distance learning, these would work great as e-cards too.

Here's another option with this beautiful Scripture blessing:

If you are like me and need these cards to be printed and mailed to you, I am super excited to be able to help you out with that! I even added a few new designs and changed things up a bit.

You can now buy these through my brand new Etsy shop and I will mail them to you. Exciting!!

I hope these cards are a blessing to you and to your children's teachers.

In Him,


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