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Psalm Prayers for Kids

I wrote a book!! I can hardly believe it!

Here's how it happened:

I have been praying the Psalms for several years now. Every day I read the verses, identify the attributes of God from the verses, and then pray them back to God through praises, thanks, and requests. It's really not anything fancy, but it has completely changed my prayer life.

Last Spring I taught a workshop at the Godly Women event at Cowboy Fellowship in Pleasanton over the Psalm Prayers. The women had such a great response, and I dreamed of how to get this resource to more women. Then life got crazy (as it does) when I entered the intense healing program for autoimmune disorders. Thanks be to God that the program was a huge success, and before I even completed it we were able to travel to Oaxaca this summer.

While we were in Oaxaca, I brought an old prayer journal that I had previously created for Mack. Every morning before we walked to our Spanish school, we sat down together and read a Psalm. I taught him how to identify the attributes of God and how to pray them back to God.

Ty and I were shocked at how well Mack learned to pray the Psalms. We had the sweetest time discovering Scripture and praying together.

With the encouragement of friends, and motivated by the fact that we used up all of the journal that I had previously created, I began working on a prayer journal for kids. In ways that only God is able, He provided me with an incredible editor and graphic designer. These two ladies have been absolutely amazing.

The book writing was put on hold once we found out that I'm pregnant and my body decided to revolt. In the last month, however, I've been writing away for a few hours every day through the sickness of early pregnancy.

The exciting news is that the book is almost finished!! I cannot wait to share it with y'all! I am working through the logistics of how to self-publish a book, and I'm hoping to have it ready for y'all in January or February.

Before I publish the book, I hope to purchase some Advanced Reader Copies. I need some help promoting this resource, and getting feedback before it is published. If that is something you would be interested in helping me with, please email me and let me know.

Hopefully I will be sharing more details soon!



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