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Imagine Zero

Ty and I recently spent the weekend with Seed Company. As always, we walked away inspired, challenged, and so grateful to get to be a part of what God is doing around the world to get His word to the nations. There are still 1671 languages that do not have one single verse of Scripture in their heart languages. That’s alot! Seed Company has some amazing strategies to help begin translation projects in each of these languages by 2025 - eight years from now. Isn’t that exciting? Maybe you are thinking, “Why does this matter so much Sarah?” Well, it matters because there are millions of people that do not have the opportunity to read or listen to one single verse of God’s word in a language that speaks to their hearts. Those people matter. More than that though, God matters. David Daniels, Pastor of Pantego Bible Church in Fort Worth, challenged us that our utmost goal is to glorify God. Getting God’s word to the nations glorifies God. It’s really all about God. One of the translators from South Asia shared a story about a remote village that experienced radical change after getting God’s word in their heart language. This place was so utterly hopeless that the name of the village actually meant “darkness.” Once the people got the Bible in their heart language, everything changed. One man in the village prayed and was healed from a debilitating illness, which led to the majority of families in the village to follow Jesus. They have gone from being considered a very inhospitable people group to a welcoming village. That’s what God does. He makes darkness into light and turns inhospitable into welcoming, even in the most hopeless places in the world. “If I say, ‘Surely the darkness will hide me And the light become night around me,’ Even the darkness will not be dark to you; The night will shine like the day, For darkness is as light to You.” Psalm 139:11-12 May He continue to turn darkness into light, and may He be glorified. In Him, Sarah

(Photo courtesy of The Seed Company)

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