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Zebra Socks in the ER

I wore zebra socks to the ER. That’s true, and you might be wondering why I did such a thing. I remember getting ready to go in, and I saw those zebra socks. I grabbed them and put them on as a reminder that this bad thing could not steal my joy. So there I was, broken, alone, and hurting in the harsh emergency room with my loud zebra socks. You see, wearing silly socks has been a way to remind me to have joy.

They brighten my difficult days, and when I see them, I remember to begin counting my gifts again. Now, I’m going to be honest and say that I did not totally own my zebra socks when my nurse commented on them. I totally used my four year old son as my excuse. {Insert chicken dance} Looking back, I wish I would have bravely told her that they remind me to look for God in the pain, because I know that God was there with me. I can truthfully say that I have never experienced God’s peace like I did that difficult night. Of course it wasn’t just the zebra socks. I took my phone in and played some praise and worship music over and over. I prayed, even though I was not able to pray much more than, “God, I need you.” That night was a battle for joy, and I fought hard. I didn’t win that battle on my own. It was all God. Because when I try to do things on my own, I fail, and fail hard. Sometimes for me, it is easier in crisis situations like that to cling to God and fight for joy. I struggle more now in the everyday of my life to remember that this day is a battle too. So I’m breaking out my zebra socks again and dusting off my gratitude journal. Maybe silly socks aren’t your thing. Is there something that reminds you of God’s goodness and gives you joy? Maybe it’s fresh flowers, red lipstick, painted fingernails, pictures of your family, a special bracelet, a painted rock? How do you remember to see God throughout your day, especially in the hard, painful times? I would love to hear your ‘silly sock’ stories.

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